James Kochalka's best comics now available as daily comic strip

Press Release

Since October 1998 James Kochalka has kept a daily comic strip diary in his sketchbook. Fans and critics agree that these are Kochalka's most addictive and enjoyable work. Two book collections of these strips have been published by Top Shelf Productions - the first volume was nominated for an Ignatz Award for "Outstanding Comic" and is already sold out. The strips have also proven to be very influential, with many young cartoonists following in James' footsteps and starting their own daily diary comics. Now, finally, Kochalka is making his diary comics available each day on the internet in full glowing color at http://www.americanelf.com

This is the most personal, deepest, funniest, and most ambitious work of the cartoonist's career. Come follow the life of one of America's most important and entertaining cartoonists.

As James Kochalka Superstar, he's also internationally known for his music, and you will find five brand new songs by James in the "goodies" section. His music videos have appeared on Nickelodeon, the Sci-fi channel, Spike & Mike's Twisted Animation, PBS's EGG the art show, and in a television ad campaign for CDNOW. He plans to post new songs regularly.

The most recent strip is always free, but only subscribers can access the archives or the goodies section. The subscription fee is a very low $1.95 a month (or only $1.00 for those who are already subscribers to the groundbreaking moderntales.com where Kochalka's FANCY FROGLIN runs as a weekly strip.

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