James Gunn's "Guardians of the Galaxy" <i>Not</i> an Animated Film

The current issue of SciFi Now Magazine features a lengthy article on the current status of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy" feature film helmed by "Slither" director James Gunn. Yesterday, Cosmic Book News posted a partial scan of the piece featuring with an intriguing and surprising bit about the upcoming Phase Two film claiming that it's slated to be a fully animated feature.

"'Guardians of the Galaxy,' an animated offering starring little-known cosmic characters like Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon and helmed by 'Super' and 'Slither" director James Gunn, will probably explore Thanos more -- defending the universe being their whole raison d'etre, after all. How an animated movie from a director known for subversive comedy and horror will neatly gel with the live-action movies is an obvious challenge, but it's not the only one."

While the article surely excited fans desperate for the first animation collaboration between the Houses of Mouse and Ideas, any celebration is premature. CBR reached out to Marvel to confirm SciFi Now's report, and the company responded with official word that the article is incorrect: "Guardians of the Galaxy" is not an animated film.

Of course, aspects of the movie will certainly receive the CG-animation treatment. It seems very unlikely James Gunn will cast a real raccoon and a real tree to play the sentient plant Groot and Rocket Raccoon, for example, but those waiting for that perfect combination of Disney and Marvel cartoon magic have to hold out a little longer.

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