Gunn Clashed With Marvel's Creative Committee Over GotG

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn clashed with Marvel Studios' creative committee during production of the 2014 blockbuster.

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In Vanity Fair's new cover story commemorating the studio's 10th anniversary, Gunn referred to the committee as "a group of comic-book writers and toy people" who gave “haphazard” notes to him about the film.

A remnant from the early days of Marvel Studios, the advisory group include such members as Marvel Comics Publisher Dan Buckley, Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, Marvel Entertainment President Alan Fine and writer Brian Michael Bendis, and offered guidance on the development of movie projects. However, amid the 2015 reorganization that moved Marvel Studios under Walt Disney Studios, the committee's role was greatly diminished.

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One example of the committee's suggestions for Gunn was to eliminate the '60s and '70s music that Star-Lord listened to throughout Guardians of the Galaxy. The music remained, however, with the film's soundtrack going on to achieve platinum status.

Guardians of the Galaxy grossed $773.3 million worldwide, with its 2017 sequel earning $863.6 million. A third film is planned for a 2020 release under Gunn, so everything clearly worked out in the end.

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