James Gunn Makes $100K Guarantee That Guardians Easter Egg Still Exists

james gunn

Director James Gunn loves sprinkling Easter eggs into his films, and 2014's "Guardians of the Galaxy" is no exception. While Gunn has revealed a few of the movie's references, there's still one he's not ready to divulge.

During a Facebook Q&A, Gunn remained tight-lipped about an Easter egg that fans have yet to discover, and he even plunked down some of his own hard-earned cash as a guarantee that it does exist.

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When asked whether he plans to pull back the curtain on the much-discussed Easter egg, Gunn replied, "No I don't plan on revealing it." That prompted some skepticism on whether it's actually real, with one fan chiming in that "[Gunn] won't reveal it because it doesn't exist. The ultimate troll."

Gunn responded with a friendly wager: "If there is no Easter egg I will give you a hundred thousand dollars - copy this post - I will consider it a legally binding contract - signed, James Gunn."

That would certainly seem to lend credence to the filmmaker's claim that one Easter egg from "Guardians of the Galaxy" remains undiscovered by fans. However, no clues were given as to where to look to find the $100,000 egg.

Opening May 5, 2017, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Glenn Close, Pom Klementieff, Elizabeth Debicki and Kurt Russell.

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