James Frain Cast as New Series Regular for "Gotham" Season Two

The reign of Fish Mooney may be at an end, but when it comes to Gotham City, villains abound. Deadline is reporting that English actor James Frain has been cast as a series regular for "Gotham" Season Two, where he will be playing the villainous Theo Galavan, brother of DC Comics super-villain Tigress.

The sophomore season of the popular Fox television series will introduce a new villainous duo: Frain's Theo and his sister, Tabitha, the latter of whom is known in the comics world as the super-villain Tigress and has yet to be cast. They will join "Gotham's" already hefty villain population, which currently consists of the Penguin, the Riddler, and Two-Face (currently still just regular Harvey Dent but bumped up from guest star to series regular).

Newly arrived to the troubled city, Galavan at first seems like a savior: altruistic and charming. But beneath that facade lies a sinister centuries-old vendetta, and he and his sister plan on creating some chaos in the streets of Gotham.

"Gotham" returns to Fox this Fall.

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