James Cameron Promises He'll Film <i>Battle Angel Alita</i>, Eventually

Never let it be said that James Cameron has a short attention span. After all, the director famously worked on Avatar for more than 15 years before he actually began shooting the film. For almost as long Cameron has talked about adapting Yukito Kishiro's cyberpunk manga Battle Angel Alita. Speaking with MTV Splash Page, Cameron revealed he still intends to tackle that project ... after he completes the next two Avatar films.

"I see the good the Avatar franchise can do in terms of keeping a world audience cognizant of our relationship with nature, but doing it in an entertainment context," he said. "Ultimately I think there's more good to be done there than with Battle Angel. Battle Angel is just a great, kick-ass story."

When asked whether he would ever let someone else helm the adaptation, Cameron said, "It would have to be pried out of my cold dead fingers. But on the other hand, I don't want to take it to my grave either. [We want to see it] at some point, yeah."

The pair of Avatar sequels are scheduled to take about five years to complete, which would bring the 57-year-old director to about 2017.

Battle Angel Alita follows the adventures of an amnesiac cybernetic assassin who becomes a bounty hunter. Cameron has said he intends to use material from the first four volumes of the manga as the basis for his film.

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