James Bond Comes Back To Television

Unless your name is Sean Connery, the career gods don't seem to be that kind to former James Bonds; Timothy Dalton and Roger Moore both pretty much retreated into the background, and don't get me started on George Lazenby. But Pierce Brosnan? He's headed back to television with a show about the man to make everything alright...

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures Television has greenlit a pilot for a show co-created by er vet Jack Orman and Brosnan about a "fixer," a specially trained private investigator with a specialty for solving difficult crimes and situations internationally. Brosnan will produce and star in the show, but not as the lead; that role will go to someone younger and more willing to do the stuntwork required.

The series is being offered to international broadcasters first, with the hope that pre-sales will make it more attractive to American networks.

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