James Badge Dale Hints At Larger Role For Guy Pearce in Iron Man 3

James Badge Dale is poised to have a particularly big year in 2013. In addition to roles in The Lone Ranger and World War Z, the former Rubicon star will also appear as Eric Savin in the Shane Black-directed Iron Man 3. In the comics, Savin is the head of security for a project called Ultra-Tech who, after an accident, is transformed into a cyborg called Coldblood. We're not sure how much of that origin will be used in the film, but he's definitely a bad guy.

Dale recently talked to Showbiz 411 about his roles and dropped an interesting tidbit about some of his fellow bad guys in IM3: "Ben Kingsley is the mouthpiece. Guy Pearce is the brain. I’m the muscle."

But, wait. The last we heard, Pearce's role is "really kind of cameo stuff." His character, Aldrich Killian, develops the titular technovirus in the "Extremis" story that winds up doing a lot of damage. Dale's comments either hint that Pearce was fibbing a bit about his role in the picture or possibly that Killian's arc follows that of his comic book counterpart and might not be around too long in the story.

Opening May 3, 2013, Iron Man 3 stars returning cast members Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau, joined by Pearce, Kingsley, Rebecca Hall, Dale and Ashley Hamilton.

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