Jake Parker takes on Hulk, Spider-Man, other Marvel heroes

A few months back Utah-based freelance designer and comics artist Jake Parker revealed a series of Marvel characters he drew--Captain America, Wolverine and Iron Man among them -- for his followers to enjoy. At that time, he asked readers to suggest other characters to add to the series. The past week and this week he revealed Spider-Man and Hulk pieces he completed in response to feedback.

It is particularly interesting to see how Parker uses one dominant color to tie each piece together with the respective characters'  costumes.

Parker is busy on a variety of projects, including a new Kate Coombs children's book he illustrated, The Tooth Fairy Wars, due out in July. Be sure to visit his webstore, where you can buy some of his sketchbooks, individual illustrations, original art and his 2012 Kickstarter-funded book The Antler Boy and Other Stories.

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