Jake Parker brings extra Groot to 'Rocket Raccoon #5'

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Note: This post contains potential spoilers for Rocket Raccoon #5

Rocket Raccoon is one of several comics coming out of Marvel right now where they've paired the perfect creator -- in this case Skottie Young -- with the perfect character, and just let them go wild. (See also: Kaare Andrews on Iron Fist). So when you hear that an issue is going to have a fill-in artist, you have to wonder what kind of effect that's going to have, if it's really going to work or not. It all just depends on who they choose, right?

In the case of Rocket Raccoon #5, they made the right choice. Mr. Jake Parker knows a little something about drawing fun comics (he also illustrates children's books), particularly in the whimsical fantasy/space opera vein. If you haven't checked out his Antler Boy, you can grab it on comiXology, while Scholastic publishes his Missile Mouse series.

Getting back to RR #5, this issue features a standalone story that guest stars Groot. It seems Rocket and Groot are telling stories to some young (alien) boy scouts on a camp out, and when Groot suggests a story that Rocket isn't exactly keen on telling, the big guy steps in as guest narrator. You can kind of imagine the premise for this issue starting out as joke between Young and his editor -- "Hey, what if we did a whole issue where Groot told a story, and all the words were replaced with, 'I am Groot?'" And then someone said, hey, maybe that would work ...

Luckily it does, in a G.I. Joe "Silent Interlude" meets this year's hot movie character find kind of way. Young and Parker even have fun with the signs that appear on some alien buildings:

Like that classic issue of G.I. Joe, it's all about the artwork telling the story. If Young needs another breather in the future, I hope to see Parker again getting his Groot on.

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