Jake Gyllenhaal Could Be the Best Batman Since Michael Keaton


You may have heard that after just two critically unsuccessful outings, Ben Affleck may be leaving the role of Batman. In fact, there are rumors that his last appearance as the Dark Knight will be in the upcoming sequel to either Suicide Squad, or the solo Flash film, Flashpoint.

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Since these rumors began to circulate, two names have been consistently mentioned as possible replacements for Affleck. The first is Jon Hamm (Mad Men), and the second is Jake Gyllenhaal.

For some, these might be slightly odd choices, but keep in mind that people said the same of Affleck when his casting was announced. His (and Gal Gadot's) performance in the otherwise panned Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice helped audiences cast aside their doubts, even if Justice League kind of reconfirmed their original trepidation. So, with Affleck potentially on his way out, we're looking ahead to the next actor to take on the role. And, we believe that if Gyllenhaal were to take over, not only could he be even more memorable and more successful than Affleck, he could prove to be the best Batman since Michael Keaton.


While a lot of people, particularly younger fans, might have images of Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming pop into their heads when Keaton is mentioned, many still remember him as the perfectly tormented hero from 1989's Batman and its sequel, Batman Returns. Keaton was near-universally praised for his performance, and those films went on to become financial successes and bonafide superhero classics. However, much like Affleck, audiences were initially doubtful that Keaton could pull off playing Bruce Wayne, a debate we're seeing once again with the rumors that Gyllenhaal may don the cowl after Affleck makes his exit.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time Gyllenhaal has been in consideration for a superhero role, as Sam Raimi looked at Gyllenhaal for the role of Peter Parker after Tobey Macguire was injured during filming of Spider-Man 2. It's not even the first time he was in consideration for the role of Batman; before the role was given to Christian Bale, Gyllenhaal was being considered for Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins.

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