Comics Writer Jai Nitz Accused of Sexual Assault


Comic book writer Jai Nitz has been accused of sexual assault.

In a post to University of Kansas blog Her Campus, a former student shared her story about an encounter with Nitz. According to the student's account, she met the writer, best known for co-creating Suicide Squad member El Diablo, when he was invited to speak to her journalism class. After they followed each other on Twitter, they agreed to meet up for drinks, where the alleged incident occurred.

"He asked multiple times if I was going to kiss him at the end of the night. I told him no, that it was beyond my comfort level. He asked if I’d go out with him again, and I turned him down," she wrote, among other details. "He asked if I was sure. He was going to the strip club, I could come with him. I reiterated my answer and opened my car door. I felt relief wash over me as I sat down in the driver’s seat. His hand was on the top of the door and he called my name. Reflexively, I turned my head and he forced his mouth on mine."

Later, the student filed a Title IX complaint over the incident and was told "that the school of journalism wouldn’t be inviting Jai back." The incident occurred in March 2017.

Since she shared her story, Nitz has deleted his personal Twitter account. On Saturday, he left Planet ComicCon, where he had been tabling, and did not return.

GraphicPolicy reports that Dark Horse Comics has launched an investigation into the matter. When asked for comment, the publisher -- which currently releases Nitz's series Astro Hustle -- responded, “Dark Horse takes all misconduct allegations very seriously. We will investigate these allegations further.”

The final issue of Nitz's current DC Comics series, Suicide Squad: Black Files, releases this week.

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