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Jai Courtney Addresses Suicide Squad Criticism, Flash Movie Rumor

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Jai Courtney Addresses Suicide Squad Criticism, Flash Movie Rumor

While Jai Courtney acknowledges the mixed reviews “Suicide Squad” received, the actor recently defended the film, in which he played classic Flash rogue Captain Boomerang, wondering, “how do you please everyone?”

In the latest episode of MTV podcast Happy Sad Confused, host Josh Horowitz shares a quick and informal interview with Courtney, asking the actor to share some of his thoughts about the DC Films production.

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“I don’t know — how do you please everyone?” Courtney said. “I don’t think ‘Suicide Squad’ ever intended to… If you’re not going to make a movie R-rated, and you want everyone to come see it, essentially, well, then… chances are, whole bunch people aren’t going to love it… It’s a challenge, man, and I think [director] David [Ayers] did an incredible job, and I sure as hell hope we get to make another one with him and all the crew…”

Courtney points out that Marvel Studios films have an advantage at this point compared to the DC movies because they were able to take the time to establish Marvel’s superheroes in solo movies before teaming up. Courtney didn’t offer this up as a defense of the way the DC movies have been set up so far, but rather to illustrate the challenges the DC movies face. “Marvel have this incredible formula that seems to work… They’ve had sort of the time to let that shit ‘marinate’ to the point where everything is established now.”

Asked about reports that Captain Boomerang may appear in the Flash solo movie, Courtney sounded as if it was the first time he’d heard it, saying, “I like that rumor.

“[Warner Bros.] keeps everyone in the dark,” Courtney continued, expanding on why even he remains unaware of whether he’ll be tapped to plague the scarlet speedster on the big screen. “We’re all mushrooms over there in the DC house… keep us in the dark and feed us shit,” he joked.

Via Batman News

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