Jada Pinkett Smith Wants to Play Vixen in "Suicide Squad 2"

In an interview with MTV UK about the sensational experience of a film that is "Magic Mike XXL," actress Jada Pinkett Smith said that she would love to play the DC Comics character Vixen in a live-action film -- specifically a "Suicide Squad" sequel.

"There's a character that I love in the DC World, her name is Vixen," the actress told MTV. "Probably haven't heard much of her. She's kind of in that Suicide Squad world as well. I love Vixen. If there was any character, I would love to play her. I'm going to have to put my little word in with the director. 'Vixen for Suicide Sqaud 2.'"

Although the general public may currently be unaware of the character, that may change soon with the launch of the CW Seed "Vixen" animated series that takes place in the world of the popular live-action "Flash" and "Arrow" TV shows.

Pinkett Smith isn't new to the DC Comics world. The actress recently played the mob boss Fish Mooney in the freshman season of Fox's "Gotham." Plus, should this Vixen thing pan out for "Suicide Squad 2," she would star alongside her husband Will Smith, who plays the villain Deadshot. The couple previously worked together on "Ali."

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