Jack's Back in '24: Live Another Day' Super Bowl Trailer

Jack's back — and it looks like he hasn't slept a wink while he was away.

The first trailer for 24: Live Another Day made its premiere on Super Bowl Sunday, giving fans of the resurrected real-time thriller their first look at counter-terrorist operative Jack Bauer since the series originally ended in 2010.

Live Another Day picks up four years after the conclusion of the Fox drama, with Jack still a fugitive from justice, on the run in London. The limited series will span 12 episodes, accounting for 12 hours across one very bad day. Returning characters include Jack's former flame Audrey Raines and her father James Heller, now President of the United States. Also back in business: Chloe O'Brian, Jack's trusty sidekick, seen in the new trailer looking more like Lisbeth Salander than the computer hacker of days past. Take a look:

Fox premieres 24: Live Another Day on May 5.

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