Jackman Bares Bloodied Claws in New Images From <i>The Wolverine</i>

Three new images from The Wolverine have made their way online, and like most of the marketing for this film, they all feature leading man Hugh Jackman. Whether he's standing in the rain or snow or baring bloodied claws, Wolverine looks ready for a fight.

The pictures (via /Film) are a part of Total Film's feature on The Wolverine in its current issue. In addition to the images, a new snippet from Total Film's conversation with director James Mangold has been released. In it, he discusses the comic book origins of The Wolverine.

“The graphic novel [Chris Claremont’s fan-favorite comic arc] is so adventurous. It plunges into these ideas of destiny, honor and revenge - as opposed to your standard superhero sagas, which are generally about some gigantic villain out to destroy the Earth, a city or a football stadium," he said. "Japan’s such an exotic location, in the sense that language and culture play such a huge role in the movie. Usually you don’t find that at all in these kinds of films. To be staking out our own ground and be saying something unique was really liberating for me."

Mangold also shared on Twitter about when The Wolverine's teaser will arrive online and in theaters. "Clarity for all asking: I will tweet a peek (a "tweazer") on 26th. Full teaser online on 27th. 3D and 2D in theaters on the big screen 29th," he posted.

Opening July 26, The Wolverine also stars Will Yun Lee, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hal Yamanouchi and Brian Tee.


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