Jack the Ripper, Tooth Fairy & More to Wreak Havok on 'Sleepy Hollow'

"Sleepy Hollow" may have lost its resident evildoer from Hell with the retirement of the iconic Headless Horsemen from the series, but that just opens Fox's supernatural drama to having a wider range of villains to haunt its streets.

Quietly announced today via Entertainment Weekly's website, three of the show's third season antagonists have been revealed: the Draugur, a battalion of undead British soldiers; The Abyzou, a form of tooth fairy; and perhaps the biggest evil of the season, Jack the Ripper.

According to EW, Jack is brought to present day Sleepy Hollow by means of "an instrument of evil," the demonic tooth fairy has been a thorn in Ichabod Craine's side for centuries (though he's been unaware of its existence), and General Howe is involved in the arrival of the Draugur.

The series, which follows the adventures of police detective Abbie Mills and the resurrected Craine as they attempt to stem the end of the world, debuted strong in its first season, then saw ratings dip in its second. In addition to the bad guy shake-up in the third season, the show will also attempt to reverse its ratings decline through a Halloween crossover with Fox's hit drama, "Bones."

The third season of “Sleepy Hollow” premieres Thursday, Oct. 1, on Fox.

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