'Jack Staff' #1 available online

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 2 April, 2002 -- Following the sell-out success of the first color issue of JACK STAFF, Image Comics is inviting readers who missed the issue to read it for free at www.imagecomics.com. Image Comics announced that JACK STAFF #1 sold out earlier this week.

Created, written and drawn by Paul Grist, JACK STAFF utilizes a loose anthology format to tell the tales of a unique group of characters comprised of Tom Tom the Robot Man, an enigmatic group of secret agents called Q, and Becky Burdock, Vampire Reporter. Linking all these stories together is the ongoing mystery created by the return of Jack Staff - Britain's greatest hero. The end result is a series not too far removed from Kurt Busiek's ASTRO CITY, wherein Grist allows his imagination to run wild as he offers his own unique takes on a variety of comic book archetypes, along with specific nods to Britain's rich comics history. JACK STAFF was originally published in black and white by Grist's own Dancing Elephant Press. Phil Elliot provides color for Grist's Image series.

JACK STAFF #1 is the latest Image title to be made available online at www.imagecomics.com, joining POWERS, NOBLE CAUSES, AGE OF BRONZE, TECH JACKET, PARADIGM, HAMMER OF THE GODS and INVINCIBLE as part of the site's growing online comics section. Image's Website also offers five-page previews of upcoming comics and there is presently a preview for JACK STAFF #2 online.

JACK STAFF #2 will be available through comics shops on April 9.

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