Jack Kirby's "Silver Star" Shines Bright in July!

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA – KIRBY is BACK and Image Comics has him! Image Comics and the Jack Kirby Estate are pleased to announce the release of Jack "King" Kirby's explosive epic SILVER STAR in a beautiful, hard-bound, 144-page edition truly worthy of the King.

Nearly every comic artist alive or dead has been influenced by Kirby's boundless imagination. Whether working alongside industry giants like Stan Lee and Joe Simon or on his own, Kirby created many of the most recognizable characters in comics: Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, the Mighty Thor, Kamandi, the Silver Surfer, Omac, the New Gods, the Demon and the X-Men. He's the man who redefined comics at Marvel in the '60s – and that was just for starters.

Originally published during Kirby's stint with Pacific Comics during the 1980s, SILVER STAR chronicles the rise of Homo-Geneticus, a New Breed of humanity, genetically altered to survive an impending holocaust. Morgan Miller discovers he is Homo-Geneticus when his reality-warping abilities erupt doing his tour of duty in Vietnam. Encased in a silver suit to contain his blossoming powers, Miller is dubbed Silver Star. Another Homo-Geneticus, the nefarious Darius Drumm, is bent on world-domination and vows to slay the others, saving Silver Star for last. What follows is both heartbreaking and explosive. Silver Star faces a deadly adversary like no other in this Kirby classic.

"SILVER STAR was one of the precious few creations that Jack Kirby actually owned," explains Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen. "Most of the work Jack did over his long career was work-for-hire, and those creations are owned by big conglomerates that continue to exploit them. SILVER STAR was one of a few exceptions and it's a real gem. Helping re-master the color on this book has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life."

JACK KIRBY'S SILVER STAR, a 144-page hardcover with a cover price of $39.99, is available for order in the May issue of Diamond Previews with an in-store date of July 18.

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