Jack Kirby Legends Revealed

In honor of Jack Kirby's 100th birthday today, I decided it would be fun to go into our Comic Book Legends Revealed archive and share with you 20 of the best Jack Kirby-themed Comic Book Legends Revealed over the years.

1. Did Johnny Carson give an on-air apology to Jack Kirby on The Tonight Show after accidentally insulting him earlier on the show?

2. Did Jack Kirby intend for his Fourth World Saga to end with both Darkseid and Orion dead?

3. Did Jack Kirby have a very special meeting with Paul McCartney after a Wings concert?

4. Did Jack Kirby originally have Black Panther's mask not covering his entire face on the cover of Panther's comic book debut?

5. Did Jack Kirby design the costumes for a production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar?

6. Did Jack Kirby almost do a "Valley Girl" comic strip with Frank Zappa?

7. How did Stan Lee dramatically re-write Jack Kirby's intended introduction of the character who became Adam Warlock?

8. Did Jack Kirby create an alternate costume for Captain America in case Marvel lost the rights to the character's original look?

9. Did Jack Kirby use the first double-page splash in a comic book story?

10. How did the Fantastic Four's movie rights lead to the final comic book that Jack Kirby ever worked on with Stan Lee?

11. Did the Mayor of New York City give Jack Kirby and Joe Simon special police protection after they received death threats over Captain America?

12. Did Jack Kirby originally intend for Doctor Doom to only have a small scar on his face?

13. Did Jack Kirby help fake a movie for the C.I.A.?

14. Was Jack Kirby originally going to do a Black Panther ongoing series before the Panther debuted in the pages of the Fantastic Four?

15. Did Jack Kirby have some strange demands for the final Fantastic Four comic book story he ever drew?

16. Were Jack Kirby's Fourth World characters originally intended as Thor characters?

17. Did DC come up with a clever way to pay Jack Kirby royalties for his Fourth World creations?

18. Did Jack Kirby and Stan Lee each appear as models on comic book covers?

19. Did Jack Kirby based Etrigan the Demon's face on a mask in an old Prince Valiant comic strip?

20. Did Jack Kirby change the ending of his Fourth World Saga after watching Return of the Jedi?

Happy birthday, Jack!

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