Jack Kirby's Grandson Shares a Treasure Trove of Unused Art

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It's always a good day when never-before-seen comic art surface from legends like Jack Kirby, who helped to build Marvel's stable of characters with amazing art and unparalleled storytelling before moving to DC to create the iconic Fourth World. His grandson Jeremy Kirby has shared art from Kirby's personal collection that feature some of the artist's most beloved creations.

The new art pieces are primarily from Kirby's DC work, including a cover concept that features the "Goody" Rickles character, the superhero alter ego of insult comic Don Rickles who appeared in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #139 and #141. On Reddit, Jeremy Kirby also posted two Fourth World pinups, including one of Big Barda.

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Big Barda by Jack Kirby

The sole Marvel image is an original cover for Roy Thomas and John Buscema's "When Giants Walk the Sky" from Fantastic Four #175. The cover features a trapped Fantastic Four caught in the middle between a battling High Evolutionary and Galactus on Counter-Earth. The photostats are breathtaking in their detail, from the buildings in the background to the terrified onlookers on the streets below.

Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby

The cover actually features a better battle between the two than anything seen in the issue, as their fight is over pretty quickly. This issue is notable for the apparent death of Galactus at the hands of the Impossible Man, although that was later retconned. The Thing on this cover is actually a human Ben Grimm wearing an exoskeleton designed to mimic his powers, which first appeared in Fantastic Four #169. He would regain his powers in this issue as well, though the Thing exosuit would pop back up a few times over the years.

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