Jack Kirby's Grandson Celebrates the King's 101st Birthday

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August 28 marks what would have been comic book legend Jack Kirby's 101st birthday. To honor Kirby's birthday, his grandson, Jeremy, posted a short tribute on Twitter dedicated to his late grandfather.

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"My grandfather Jack Kirby would have been 101 years young," said Jeremy Kirby. "It is amazing to see that his creations and co-creations keep inspiring readers to create, follow their dreams and be better people. There is a super hero in all of us and my grandfather was certainly mine."

Very few figures in the comic book industry can claim to be as influential as Jack Kirby. He is best known for his tenure with Marvel Comics, during which he, alongside Stan Lee, co-created such seminal and iconic characters as the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, Captain America, Peggy Carter, Red Skull, Thor, Hulk, Nick Fury, Ant-Man, Wasp, the Inhumans and the X-Men.

Kirby also lent his talents to DC Comics, most notably to create the New Gods, a race of characters that includes the likes of Darkseid, Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Orion, Tigra, Steppenwolf and the Female Furies, as well as such concepts as the Anti-Life Equation and Mother Boxes.

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Jack Kirby was born on Aug. 28, 1917 and passed away on Feb. 6, 1994 at the age of 76, leaving behind a monumental legacy.

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