Jack & Jill Went Up "The Hill" and at the Top Was Markosia

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Official Press Release

May 9, 2006 Bethlehem, PA- Jack and Jill went up THE HILL and at the top was Markosia!

Markosia Enterprises, publisher of THE LEXIAN CHRONICLES and STARSHIP TROOPERS, is proud to welcome Sal Cipriano's dark action packed tale of redemption, THE HILL, to its Original Graphic Novel line!

Originally intended to be published by another publisher, THE HILL was set for release in April, but will now be released this fall by the UK based Markosia. "The weekend before my former publisher closed its doors, I met Harry Markos and was immediately impressed with the way he and Chuck Satterlee ran the Markosia booth at the NY Comicon. So when I got the call about my former publisher's woes, Chuck was one of the first people I called." explained creator Cipriano. "This company is nothing but class and I am honored to be able to bring THE HILL here."

Satterlee, North American Director of Markosia said, "I am proud to call Sal Cipriano my friend. We have been at two publishers together and I have to say that I am overjoyed that THE HILL, a wonderful piece of comic work, will be published through Markosia. I look forward to showing retailers and readers alike what type of fantastic story-teller Sal Cipriano is! THE HILL is a great book. People will love it!"

Richards Emms, Markosia Editor in Chief added, "THE HILL struck me as quite beautiful at first glance. It is a sad story about people who get the chance to make a decision in a life that, until now has been chosen for them. You think TNT knows Drama? Sal Cipriano knows drama. THE HILL is a welcome addition to Markosia OGN line."

Jill is a failed assassin, Jack is a failed experiment; both created by the same company, both want out! Jill has lost everything she has ever cared for, including an unborn child, and has lost the will to live, but her employers won't let her die until she completes one last mission…kill the monster Jack! But when Jack finally steps into Jill's crosshairs everything they've ever known becomes a question mark sending them into a bloody downward spiral to their fates!

"This is a book I've been working on for quite a long time, and I'm very happy to be rolling it out this year with such a quality publisher behind it.", confessed Cipriano "I firmly believe THE HILL is a book that is going to turn some heads. It has a mainstream action/scifi/horror appeal with a lot of dark humor."

The book's artist, Jok, who brings a unique style and sensibility to the book, further commented, "The story urges you to judge these rich characters, but this may prove a difficult task, as Sal drops you into a labyrinth full of atrocity and adrenaline. THE HILL will show readers that high-pitched action, deep drama, and transcendent questions can be skilfully amalgamated."

Look for more news and previews for THE HILL as the year rolls along!

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