Jack-Jack: 14 Incredible Powers He Has (And 1 He Might Still Develop)

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The Incredibles is one of the most beloved Disney Pixar movies, and one that fans have demanded a sequel for for a very long time. Now, here we are 14 years later and The Incredibles 2 is finally upon us. The follow-up movie picks up right where the first left us, with the super-powered Parr family suiting up to stop the Underminder's attack on Metroville. Even though all those years separate the two films, there are only a few seconds that hold them apart. The world's superheroes are still illegal, Violet still has a date with Tony and the rest of the family has no idea that infant son Jack-Jack is developing superpowers of his own. That's right, it might be easy to forget amid everything that's been going on, but the Parrs have no idea that Jack-Jack is like the rest of them.

We the audience have known since the ending of the first film that Jack-Jack had superpowers. These abilities started to develop when the supervillain Syndrome tried to kidnap the baby, leaving us all equally perplexed and excited by what Jack-Jack could do. The short film Jack-Jack Attack showed us how and when the infant first developed his superpowers while under the care of the Parr's oblivious babysitter. Now, with the release of The Incredibles 2, Jack-Jack gets the spotlight, and the powers we saw him use at the end of the first film were only the tip of the iceberg. Fourteen years after the release of the first movie, CBR lists a very fitting 14 superpowers that Jack-Jack possesses, as well as one more he could still develop.

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Jack-Jack fire The Incredibles
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Jack-Jack fire The Incredibles

One of the first superpowers Jack-Jack exhibited when Syndrome attempted to kidnap him in The Incredibles was to transform into a ball of fire. In the sequel, we see that this power appears to be one of the main abilities that Jack-Jack can control. Whenever his anger gets the best of him, or when he's simply having fun, the fire takes over.

This is one superpower that makes him an instant powerhouse in the Parr family, and it's one that Edna Mode went to great lengths to put out. Thanks to her new suit, Jack-Jack can now safely combust, and his family can now extinguish him with a delicious flame retardant.


Incredibles Jack-Jack demon baby

The “demon baby” form of Jack-Jack is not only one of the most frightening to villains (as well as the infant's own family members), it's also one of the most dangerous. When Jack-Jack turns into his monster form, he becomes a very literal demon with anger control issues that's only looking to bite and claw at anything he can get his hands on.

Jack-Jack's monster form appears to be harder to control than most, given that it seems to stem from his emotional state. However, once the baby will find a way to control his transformations, he could very well turn into a Hulk-like superhero who can unleash ultimate destruction whenever the situation calls for it.


The Incredibles Jack-Jack metal form

When Syndrome kidnapped Jack-Jack and flew off with him in the sky, Bob and Helen Parr were desperate to get their son back. While they were hurrying to come up with a plan, Jack-Jack was already busy fighting back – and falling straight down thanks to his ability to transform into hardened metal.

Just like the X-Men's Colossus, Jack-Jack is able to turn his body into metal, making him instantly heavy, durable and strong. It's an ability that he doesn't use on many occasions in the two films, but it's certainly one that could come in very handy once the young Parr grows up to become a powerful hero.


Jack-Jack's laser eyes are perhaps the superpower we have seen the most in action. It was featured heavily in the trailers and other promotional materials of The Incredibles 2, and it's one that proved to come in handy quite a few times in the actual film.

Although Jack-Jack could fire his green lasers at any given time, Mr. Incredible learned how to use this very special skill as a weapon thanks to Edna Mode. Using Jack-Jack as a sort of rifle, the Incredibles are able to shoot lasers at the targets of their choosing – something that proved instrumental in saving the day in the sequel.


Jack-Jack Attack Kari babysitting

Jack-Jack's ability to teleport had a big role to play in The Incredibles 2. During a time when Mr. Incredible had no idea that his son had superpowers, Jack-Jack would start appearing in the living room when he should have technically been locked away in his crib.

Later, we would discover that not only can Jack-Jack teleport from one place to another, he can also do so by disappearing into a pocket dimension where he can still be heard. Jack-Jack can go in-and-out of this dimension, no matter the period of time. If Mr. Incredible didn't have any num-num cookies to draw him out, we'd imagine Jack-Jack would still be in there.



In The Incredibles 2, when Dash and Violet were trying to stay hidden from the Screenslaver, Jack-Jack turned into an even bigger handful than he previously had been. While the two children were busy trying to keep him from teleporting away, the baby exhibited a new superpower when he changed his size to become a giant.

He didn't just become as big as his father, he got even bigger, to the point that he could smash through entire walls. Jack-Jack can turn enormous, and if his maximum size is related to his normal, regular, size, then it's entirely possible that he could become as tall as buildings when he grows up to be an adult.


Jack-Jack possesses so many superpowers that some of them are even hard to miss. Considering he has demonstrated that he can use as many as four in the span of a few seconds, there are some that he has barely even used yet. In fact, one of those powers is his ability to summon bursts of electricity.

You have to look closely to see Jack-Jack perform this very feat, but it is still there. Sometimes, bolts of electricity will burst out of the baby for a brief period of time, much like Marvel's Thor. However, since we have barely seen this ability in effect – save for shocking his father – there is no telling how powerful it might really be.


Jack-Jack may not be able to run at super-speed like his brother, but that may not ultimately matter, given that the infant has demonstrated the ability to fly. Well, for the moment, it would be more exact to say that Jack-Jack can levitate. On a few occasions, Jack-Jack was seen floating off the ground, or from one place to the other.

On top of that, he was even able to save himself from a terrible fall thanks to this very power. Now sure, he doesn't appear to have any control over it, but that doesn't mean that he may not eventually grow up to fly over the skyline of Metroville like Metropolis' Superman.


When it comes to super-strength, Mr. Incredible has no equal. After all, it's his main ability. And yet, when it comes to raw strength, it appears that Jack-Jack may be taking after his father. While not necessarily the flashiest or the most obvious of powers, the young Parr is physically stronger than any other baby.

When does Jack-Jack uses super-strength, you might wonder? Well, just take a note of any fight he takes part in during the climactic battle of The Incredibles 2. When the Parr children are fighting against the Screenslaver's mind-controlled superheroes, Jack-Jack delivers a few solid blows against their enemies that could never be delivered by a regular child.



When Jack-Jack was finally reunited with his mother in The Incredibles 2, the young baby was shocked to find that his mother had turned evil thanks to the Screenslaver's mind-control-inducing goggles. Elastigirl attacked her children but, to their great surprise, as well as everyone in the audience, Jack-Jack's new ability saved the day.

Since he couldn't reach her with his hands, Jack-Jack's anger at his mother's attack led to the awakening of his telekinetic ability. With his mind, Jack-Jack was able to remove his mother's goggles, freeing her from the villain's control. This move allowed Elastigirl to save Mr. Incredible, and it was the very first step in defeating the Screenslaver.


It's bad enough that Jack-Jack's teleportation powers make him almost impossible to catch – especially for worried parents and siblings simply trying to keep the baby in place – but there is also another power in his arsenal that makes him a nightmare – his intangibility.

Like the X-Men's Kitty Pryde, Jack-Jack can walk through walls and any other solid objects. He demonstrated that he could do just that when he first tried to fight a pesky raccoon in his backyard, and he continued to use this useful power more frequently throughout the sequel. This not only makes him harder to catch, it makes him almost impossible to hurt.


incredibles 2

It's actually difficult to even find the proper name of this next superpower. In fact, this is such a power that is entirely easy to miss, considering that Jack-Jack uses it for nothing more than a few seconds. In The Incredibles 2, most of Jack-Jack's superpowers get a spotlight when the young infant takes the fight to a pesky raccoon in his backyard.

While the two fight, at one point, Jack-Jack sort of melts into a blob-like substance that makes him soft and impervious to the raccoon's attacks. The young Parr essentially turns into a sort of Gumby-like creature that barely has any form. This power might be a derivative of Helen Parr's elasticity, but that's not exactly a certainty either.


the incredibles

Jack-Jack can turn into many things -- fire, a demon, metal, a giant -- but that's certainly not all he can change into. In fact, he just might be able to turn into literally anyone on the planet. When Mr. Incredible takes Jack-Jack to Edna Mode's house, the infant proves that he has the power of shapeshifting by changing his appearance into that of Edna.

While he didn't transform entirely into her, he was slowly getting there, by changing every feature of his face to mirror Edna's. Given more time and practice, Jack-Jack could therefore become an expert at shapeshifting just like the X-Men's Mystique.


One baby is enough of a handful. But multiple babies can quickly turn into a nightmare – especially if that baby can duplicate into many copies of himself. On a few occasions in The Incredibles 2, Jack-Jack demonstrated that he had the ability to create many copies of himself, resulting in a swarm of Jack-Jacks.

When we saw this power in action, Jack-Jack would create as many copies of himself as he could, rapidly increasing the number of super-powered infants from one, to three, to even close to a dozen. We don't yet know the limits of this ability, but it's only one of many that make Jack-Jack quite possibly the most powerful super-powered individual in the Incredibles universe.


Jack-Jack may have as many as 14 superpowers, but that doesn't mean that's the full extent of his capabilities. In fact, he's still young, meaning that there might be even more special abilities in his arsenal, especially if he starts perfecting and controlling what he can already do. Such an ability could be an extension of his teleportation powers.

In the sequel, it was confirmed that Jack-Jack is in another dimension when he teleports, meaning that the infant superhero could possibly have access to more than one parallel dimension. If Jack-Jack learns how to use these powers, he could lead his family to entire new worlds, and perhaps even learn how to time travel – something that would make for a very interesting third film.

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