Jack Bender Is No Longer <i>Lost</i>, Finds <i>Moscow</i>

Lost is gone, though certainly not forgotten. Well, at least the talented folks behind the recently concluded drama series haven't been forgotten, especially frequent director Jack Bender.

Having already booked a plum gig as a director and executive producer on sci-fi series Alphas — not to mention landing a deal to stay with Bad Robot, J.J. Abrams' production company — Bender is now stepping off of the Island and heading to Moscow, the latest feature film in the continuing Jack Ryan series.

Vulture reports that the director is "a cat's breath away" from stepping behind the lens for Moscow, which stars Chris Pine as a young Jack Ryan fresh out of the United States Marine Corps. Ryan scores a job as an analyst for a powerful Russian billionaire, but soon finds himself on the run after getting implicated in a terrorist plot.

Best known for his work on Abrams-created television shows such as Lost, Alias and Felicity, Bender's feature film work includes Child's Play 3 and Lone Justice 2. He's also directed several episodes of The Sopranos, Carnivale and Ally McBeal.

Source: Vulture

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