J Scott Campbell's Phoenix Resurrection Variant Covers Are Simply Stunning


Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #1 is set to hit stores in December, and artist J. Scott Campbell will be offering eight different variant covers for the issue.

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Each of the covers will depict Jean Grey from a different period of time in her comic book history. Campbell's website is selling them all, either separately or as a part of a number of different sets. The images run through Jean's entire history of uniforms, from her green Marvel Girl costume from the 1960s, her blue Ultimate X-Men costume, her gold classic Phoenix look, her red X-Factor bodysuit, her orange 90's jumpsuit, her mint All-New X-Men costume, her yellow New X-Men clothes, and her red Dark Phoenix suit.

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Jean Grey has been dead since the end of Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men over a decade ago. While a younger, time-displaced version of the character has been part of the Marvel Universe in recent years, her adult iteration is returning her to the land of the living before she takes over leading her own team in X-Men Red.

The five-issue miniseries will be written by Matthew Rosenberg with art on the first issue being handled by Leinil Francis Yu. The book will see what happens when Jean attempts to pic up her life where she last left off

Years ago, Jean Grey died and the X-Men mourned her. Since then, the world has changed, her teammates have lived without her and died without her. And now, when strange events start happening all over the world, those teammates can only come to one conclusion – the one true Jean Grey is back!

Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #1 will be on shelves on December 27, 2017.

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