J. Scott Campbell covers 'Athena Inc. #1'

Official Press Release

[Athena Inc. #1]ORANGE, CA -- 1 April, 2002 ­ To celebrate the launch of Brian Haberlin andJay Anacleto's all-new Image title, ATHENA INC. #1 will feature an alternatecover by J. Scott Campbell. Retailers will receive one Campbell variantwith every five copies ordered (a one in five ratio). And as a bonus forretailers placing reorders, an additional copy of the Campbell variant willbe included with every five copies ordered, at no additional charge.

Due out in April, ATHENA INC. #1 invites readers to explore a world ofsecret agents so clandestine that not even the agents realize they'resecret. Inspired by tales of the so-called "sleeper agents" operating duringthe Cold War -- operatives brainwashed by their agencies to become killingmachines when a secret word unlocks their programming -- ATHENA INC.explores the possibilities of agents imprinted with a unique genetic programthat makes it capable for an agent to alter his or her facial features, haircolor...even fingerprints.

Written by Brian Haberlin and featuring artwork by the award-winning JayAnacleto, the first issue of this bi-monthly ongoing series also features ahefty 29 pages of story and art. ATHENA INC. #1 (FEB021538) is scheduled tobe in stores on April 24th.

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