J.J. Abrams Teams With <i>State Of Play</i> Writer For Secret Project

J.J. Abrams has way, way, way too many secrets. I wonder if he's ever had to kill anyone for knowing too much.

If he has, then he's almost certainly done so for whatever it is that he's got coming next. The Bad Robot overseer has been working with State of Play writer Billy Ray on a pitch, according to Deadline. Frequent Abrams collaborator Paramount is already on board, but any details beyond that remain a mystery.

Okay, we know one other fact: the project is a mystery adventure.

I don't know what to do with this information other than acknowledge and wait for some actual news to emerge. Ray is a busy guy right now, working on scripts for Pan, based on the Peter Pan story, a 24 movie, the Paul Greengrass-directed A Captain's Duty and a remake of The Secret in Their Eyes, which Ray will direct as well.

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