J.J. Abrams Teams With Jonathan Nolan For Crime-Thriller TV Series

Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello reports that Lost mastermind J.J. Abrams is shopping a crime-thriller series by The Dark Knight co-writer Jonathan Nolan, a project that's almost certain to ignite a bidding war among television networks.

The series would mark the first venture into TV for the 34-year-old Nolan, younger brother and frequent collaborator of director Christopher Nolan. In addition to The Dark Knight, Jonathan Nolan co-wrote The Prestige, and penned the short story on which Memento was based. He's collaborating with his brother and screenwriter David S. Goyer on the third Batman, and has been reported to be working on the new Superman film.

Abrams, who created Alias and co-created Fringe, has a new series, Undercovers, debuting on NBC on Sept. 22. He's also developing an Alcatraz-based drama by Lost writer/producer Elizabeth Sarnoff.

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