J.J. Abrams Talks <i>Alias 2.0</i> And The Ben &amp; Locke Show

From Felicity to Fringe, J.J. Abrams is nothing if not successful on the small screen. But this past development season saw big results even by his standards, as Abrams' Bad Robot successfully landed three projects at three networks -- and finally, Abrams is talking about all of them.

Not talking much, unfortunately, but Abrams nonetheless shared his feelings on the development of the Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson starring NBC series, Elizabeth Sarnoff's Alcatraz project at Fox and Jonathan Nolan's Person of Interest at CBS.

"I will say that I could not be more excited about the pilots Bad Robot is producing this year," Abrams told E! Online. "The people we're working with are among my favorite creative people, and the idea of getting to work again with Terry O'Quinn on what will be the third show we do together [after Alias and Lost], and working with Michael Emerson again, who is equally brilliant, and Jonah Nolan, and to do the show with Liz Sarnoff... All three of these shows are shows that I would watch, so I'm thrilled that we were lucky enough to set them up with networks. It's too early to talk about these shows, but I can't wait to get them done and hopefully onto the air."

Like I said, not very meaty. Abrams offered slightly more to chew on when pressed on rumors of an Alias reboot, however, saying that he's heard whispers but nothing too substantial.

"I know there were some discussions about that early on," he said. "But it was internal Disney discussions, not discussions with me. So I'm not sure what they're thinking now. At the moment obviously they have True Lies, which I'm sure is going to fill their need for a spy series, and we're obviously very busy at Bad Robot. So the idea of even discussing it is going to be very delayed for a while. But it's not only up to me; if they wanted to redo it, they could do it with or without me. It's not really my decision."

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