J.J. Abrams' <i>Star Wars: Episode VII</i> Might Not Arrive By 2015 Target

Much as with Lost, every time we get an answer about Star Wars: Episode VII, several more questions spring up.

With last week's announcement that J.J. Abrams will helm the first Disney installment of George Lucas' sprawling space epic, one of the biggest questions about the film has been crossed off the list. But where does that leave the Star Trek and Mission: Impossible franchise? Will the always-busy Abrams be able to hit that 2015 release date? Exactly how much lens flare will there be in Episode VII?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources contend Abrams hasn't committed to Disney's target date, announced in October with media giant's $4.05 billion purchase of Lucasfilm. Disney CEO Robert Iger said at the time that Episode VII would debut in 2015, with new installments will be released every two to three years after that; however, now it appears that timeline could change.

The website also say Abrams is committed to producing the next installments of Star Trek and Mission: Impossible.

Meanwhile, the director spoke briefly spoke to E! Online about his experience with the Star Wars franchise so far. "It really is an incredible thing," he said, adding, "It's wildly surreal." When asked about the inclusion of original-trilogy actors Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, he responded, "It's obviously way too early to talk specifics, but I'm excited to actually start it."

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