J.J. Abrams Releases a New Teaser For ... Something

J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Productions released a mysterious teaser trailer titled "Stranger," and by "mysterious," not only is the content of the clip deliberately enigmatic, it's not clear what project is being teased.

At Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Jensen (who closely covered Lost and is co-writing the upcoming Tomorrowland with frequent Abrams collaborator Damon Lindelof ) has a few theories, ranging from the distinctly plausible (either a teaser for Believe, the NBC series that Alfonso Cuarón and Mark Friedman created for Bad Robot, or S., a novel developed by Abrams and written by Doug Dorst) to the intentionally unlikely (Lost spinoff, new Star Wars tease). Jensen also floats the theory that it might be related to long-running DC Comics character The Phantom Stranger, although his stated reasoning beyond the title is, "I really, really, really want this to be true."

While there are no real answers yet, the last word of the trailer is simply "soon," indicating that a clearer picture should develop in the near-ish future.

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