J.J. Abrams Developing <i>Pulp</i> Television Series

J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot already have three new television projects in the pipeline. What harm is one more going to do?

The Lost and Alias creator apparently isn't finished slapping his name on developing television projects based on a new report about Pulp, an hourlong crime drama he's developing alongside longtime collaborators Monica Breen and Alison Schapker. Little is known about the project except that it is set "in a slightly heightened reality, a-la Pulp Fiction." Breen and Schapker wrote the pilot script and would serve as executive producers. Bad Robot is expected to start pitching Pulp to networks as soon as next week.

Pulp marks the fourth project that Abrams and his production company currently have in development for television, previously establishing Jonah Nolan's crime thriller Person of Interest at CBS, the Jorge Garcia-starring Alcatraz at FOX, and Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson's holy-crap-this-is-actually-happening spy dramedy Odd Jobs at NBC.

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