J.H. Williams III Wasn't Told About DC Comics' Promethea Plans


J.H. Williams III, who co-created Promethea with Alan Moore and Mick Gray, has reacted to a report that the character will appear in upcoming issues of DC Comics' Justice League of America.

"I can't in good conscience condone this happening in any form at all," the artist wrote Thursday on Twitter, in response to Bleeding Cool publishing what appears to be a cover by artist Doug Mahnke depicting Promethea engaged in battle with current Justice League of America nemesis The Queen of Fables.

https://t.co/Co5flqjnz8 So, this is without affording me the dignity hearing about it from proper channels. I've not brought this to Alan's attention, doubt he knew, until now. Besides that, I can't in good conscience condone this happening in any form at all.

— Beware, A Mad Wizard (@JHWilliamsIII) January 18, 2018

DC Comics declined to comment when contacted by CBR.

Promethea debuted in her own series in 1999 published through Moore's Wildstorm brand America's Best Comics. Running for 32 issues, the series tackled themes of occult philosophy and impending apocalypse, and earned Eisner Awards for its writer and letterer, as well as Best Single Issue. Promethea is known for being the most notable outlet for Moore's own philosophies, with characters sometimes breaking the fourth wall and directly addressing the reader to explain the intricacies of the writer's worldview.

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Promethea's inclusion in the larger DC Universe would be the latest in a series of Moore-co-created characters to make the leap to the publisher's mainstream superhero comics. The Watchmen sequel Doomsday Clock and the impending appearance of America's Best Comics' Tom Strong in The Terrifics both involve the integration of Moore-written characters into the DCU.

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