J.G. Jones Apologizes For Unfinished Final Crisis Work

Rumored for some time, DC Comics made it official yesterday in its solicitations for January 2009 that superstar artist J.G. Jones (“52”) would not be providing interior art for “Final Crisis” #7. The final issue of the epic, seven-part saga of the DC Multiverse will be illustrated by the "Final Crisis: Superman Beyond" art team of penciler Doug Mahnke with inks by Christian Alamy.

Jones and Mahnke will each provide covers.

Via an email reply, Jones told CBR News that it was his preference not to comment “on any of this.”

Jones did however offer, “Any problems completing the series are my own. I love Doug Mahnke’s art, and he would have probably been a better choice to draw this series in the first place.”

The involvement of Mahnke comes after artist Carlos Pacheco was brought in to assist DC in completing "Final Crisis" on schedule, making Mahnke the title's third interior illustrator.

Asked if he would be re-drawing the issue for the eventual trade paperback of “Final Crisis,” Jones said, “I seldom revisit any ground I’ve already covered, and absolutely will not be redrawing any of Doug’s work. What an insult that would be to Doug, an unnecessary exercise in futility on my part.”

In terms of his next project, Jones said he is currently revising his plans for the future.

Assuming his tongue was planted firmly in cheek, Jones closed by apologizing to his “three or four remaining fans” and thanked them for picking up his work.

“Final Crisis” #4, with art by J.G. Jones and Carlos Pacheco, is on sale this week from DC Comics.

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