Izzard, Taylor & Rulin Join PlayStation Network's "Powers" Adaptation

Deadline reports that comedian Eddie Izzard, "Game of Thrones'" Noah Taylor and "High School Musical's" Olesya Rulin have joined the PlayStation Network live-action adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's "Powers." Izzard is set to play Wolfe, the ancient enemy of protagonist Christian Walker, and a high-level power that has spent the last 20 years imprisoned. Taylor will play Johnny Royalle, a criminal mastermind with a teleportation power. Rulin has been cast as Calista, who in the comics eventually becomes the second Retro Girl.

The triple casting news comes following a long drought of main role announcements -- the last batch of casting announcements included Susan Heyward as leading role Deena Pilgrim. The actor filling the main role of Detective Christian Walker has yet to be announced. Also already cast are Adam Godley as Captain Cross and Max Fowler as Krispin Stockley.

"Every case is going to show us something new about our characters, it's going to show us something about what we've developed in the comic, which is a pretty sprawling mythology about superheroes," Bendis said in June. "It's also going to show us what a world with superheroes would really be like, how we would really treat them; how they would immerse our culture, how they would affect our fashion. We're just immensely proud of it."

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