"iZombie's" Lowell Discusses Being Dead, In Love & In Trouble

When Liv Moore (Rose McIver) was transformed into a zombie, the medical student believed it was a freak accident and she was the only one. As Liv adapted to her undead life, she learned that assumption was false. She's encountered the creepy Blaine (David Anders_ and most recently, smoldering musician Lowell, a zombie she's struck up a romance with. However, in the last episode, "Dead Air," Liv discovered that Blaine has been supplying her beau Lowell with his brain fix, a revelation that horrifies her.

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Ahead of tonight's episode, Bradley James spoke with CBR News about Lowell's dependence on Blaine, why he actually went the opposite route from his co-star and dyed his blonde locks darker for his undead part, the ever-devloping Liz/Lowell dynamic -- and his desire for Lowell to lose control.

CBR News: When you initially received the breakdown for the role of Lowell, what elements of the character did you gravitate towards?

Bradley James: Playfulness. Lowell is a playful, cheeky man. As an actor, that was terrific to get hold of and have fun with.

What makes Lowell a better match for Liv than Major (Robert Buckley)?

That's a question, maybe, for the audience. Who is to say he is? The way it is set up, I think the audience is expecting a Liv/Major endgame situation. That may be very well the way it goes. Like all relationships, you find yourself in that early, wonderful stage where you're exploring that aspect of if you like each other. That's what Liv and Lowell are going through right now, that discovery of each other. We'll see if it works out or not.

What have you most enjoyed about the Liv/Lowell romance?

As I touched on before, it's the playfulness. They are both very comfortable around each other. Neither of them thought this was going to be a possibility at one stage. They've both been able to explore that aspect of their lives they thought had been taken away. There's fun they are both experiencing.

Your fans may not have immediately recognized you when you appeared on the show. Were you told up front you'd be dying your hair?

I turned up the same week as a man called Ryan Hansen. We both had blonde hair, but they only had Ryan for a week in between a shoot he was doing. They didn't want two blonde-haired guys who were relatively similar looking, or I dare say, better looking than me. They decided to dye the hair of one of us. Because they only had Ryan for a week, it couldn't be him, so I found myself on the receiving end of some hair dye. As I talk to you now, my hair has yet to turn back. Since August last year, my hair has been brown.

When zombies eat brains, they inherit the talent, traits and the memories of the deceased. What was it like when Lowell developed an attraction to men and busted out some dance moves?

I dare say, for the dance moves, I made a joke earlier that we didn't know the cameras were rolling. One of the things I enjoyed most about my scenes was working with Rose. She's terrific and very generous as an actress. It makes it all the more fun because you are working with someone who facilitates great moments like that.

In the last episode, Liv discovers Lowell is on Blaine's meal plan. How will that impact their relationship?

I suppose what I can mention on that is the obvious. There's bound to be some confrontation there. I would, however, hope the audience is aware of the exceptionally privileged position that Liv finds herself in. It's all very well, being high-and-mighty when you have a constant source of nourishment coming in through the work place. For everyone else, it's not that easy. I hope the audience is aware of that.

Blaine doesn't help others out of the goodness of his heart. What does he require from Lowell?

I feel like that may dance with what happens in the show. I'm not the man to spill the beans on that one. There is an introduction to the Blaine/Lowell relationship which we'll see more of.

Viewers haven't yet witnessed Lowell zombie-out. Is that something you're looking forward to?

The first instance of "Bradley James' zombie-out experience" was my first episode. We're in a plane and we're shooting a flashback scene. I spoke to Rose about her experiences of what it was and the physical attributes of something like that. I was like, "Okay. Ready to go." When the moment comes, we get in the plane to shoot the scene. It starts, and just as I'm about to kick into zombie-mode, someone yells, "Cut!" I was robbed of my first attempt to go into zombie mode! It was unfulfilling, in that regard. My hope is there is another opportunity. A Lowell zombie-mode would be very exciting.

A full zombie showdown between Liv, Blaine and Lowell seems inevitable.

That sounds like a reality show to me. That might be worth a pitch!

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