iZombie's Babineaux Teases the War Between Fillmore-Graves & Seattle PD

In iZombie Season 4, Discovery Day has come and gone. Ever since humans found out about the existence of zombies, Seattle has been walled off and travel over the border is forbidden. Nevertheless, life continues inside the city walls -- which means there are still plenty of murders to solve. As always, Detective Clive Babineaux is on the case, with his trusty zombie sidekick Liv Moore in tow. During a set visit, Malcolm Goodwin -- who plays the enterprising Seattle cop -- offered some insight into how the reality of New Seattle has impacted Clive's life. He also discussed the friction between the Seattle Police Department and Fillmore-Graves, Clive's greatest fear, Clive and Dale's human-zombie relationship and more.

As to how the reality of New Seattle has changed Clive's relationship with Liv, Goodwin said, "I think it's obviously they're very close now, the best of friends now, obviously there's a big purpose with the fact that now everyone knows that there's zombies in the world. And the world being walled-up Seattle. Every detective now works with zombies, so we're no longer exclusive in that relationship anymore, so there's an effort for us to show that we're the best -- that we're the best detective-zombie team. It's an element of trust. It's cool how Clive uses Liv being on the brains to help solve cases -- not only the cases, but other scenarios throughout the season. The partnership is as the young kids would say it, 'It's on fleek.' It's just strong. It's very, very strong."

"We can only solve human-on-human crimes. Fillmore-Graves deals with zombie-on-zombie or zombie-on-human crimes," he added. "There's always an initial tug-of-war about who's case this is. Who is the person? Liv can only eat the brain of a human. So, that's been fun to play with detectives on that end vs. detectives on our end. We deal with human-to-human crimes. But, what's interesting is how the cases blend into the serial side of the show so seamlessly. I think this year they did an amazing job with that where it doesn't feel separate. It all feels intertwined, and it feels all balanced, and each case is for the purpose of pushing this bigger storyline. I thought what they did this season with that was just brilliant."

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However, Clive doesn't see Fillmore-Graves -- New Seattle's new overlords -- in as favorable a light. "They are dictators. They have changed the laws, so he has to abide by them," Goodwin explained. "When he sits there and has to recite the new laws, he hates it. I don't think there was a balance between Fillmore-Graves and the police department in terms of what the new rules are. It's kinda these are the rules. You're going to follow them. In return, they will contain and control the zombie problems. Humans still outnumber zombies in Seattle, but we all know at any moment the zombies can say, 'We're just gonna eat brains and go for it.' He doesn't like it and that's a constant back-and-forth, constant tug-of-war throughout the entire season."

Goodwin never expected to see the show hit a point where zombies overrun the city. Asked if this is where he imaged the series would go when he signed on in Season 1, he said, "No man. I'm telling you, if you watch Season 1, there's no way this show would be where it is in Season 4. There's no way. There's no way. The world just blew up and expanded in this massive way. Reading these new scripts and these new storylines and what it really means to have the world know that there's a zombie problem."

"Of course, there's talks of 'Should we nuke New Seattle?' That's Clive's biggest fear. We've got to figure this out before someone's gonna press the button and that's it," he continued. "You also have people who look at New Seattle as a saving grace, as a sanctuary, 'Like, wait a minute, I have a terminal disease, I need to get inside. I'd rather be a zombie than face this terminal fate.' So, you have that entire trafficking, and you have people trying to get out, people who want to get out of Seattle, because they go, 'These 10,000 zombies are gonna turn on us at any second. Any second.'"

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"And, there's also a brain shortage as well. Fillmore-Graves is trying to control that and humans have to trust that Fillmore-Graves has that under control. But, crimes are still happening. There's human-to-human crimes, there's zombie-on-zombie crimes, there's human-on-zombie crimes. Everyone is still trying to keep a sense of normalcy before it goes out of control, because if it gets out of control, there's definitely someone who will press that button and bye-bye New Seattle. And that's Clive's biggest fear," he concluded.

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