iZombie's Blaine Discusses His Father's Rebirth, Business & More

Seattle has undergone a massive zombie outbreak, and that means Blaine DeBeers' business is booming. In iZombie Season 4, Blaine is the proud owner of fine dining establishments like Romero's and The Scratching Post -- and he's also begrudgingly working for Chase Graves of Fillmore-Graves fame. During a set visit, Blaine actor David Anders weighed in on how post-Discovery Day life is treating his character. He also offered an update on the state of New Seattle, how his relationship with his father the Prophet Angus has developed, Blaine's new business practices and more.

"Since New Seattle has been walled off, Fillmore-Graves kind of runs the show, and he's is kind of the king of the underworld. But he still has to answer to Chase Graves, which Blaine DeBeers does not want to answer to anyone," Anders explained. "That's what we explore in the front part of the season is that relationship between Blaine and Chase, and jockeying for position, and 'I don't answer to nobody!' kind of thing. About the world, it's been closed off, Seattle, but somehow it's become a larger world in some ways because it's less in there, and there's a lot of cool, new things to play with."

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"You can't swing a cat without hitting a zombie, and I swing a lot of cats. You feel at home, I guess, now that the secret's out," he added. "It felt kind of cool at the beginning and a little reticent as a zombie walking around. I didn't want to be found out. Blaine never dyed his hair, obviously, for reasons that Diane [Ruggiero] and Rob [Thomas] can only answer. But now we're in this contained world of Seattle and it's cool to see that there's different zombie sects and different zombie quotients. It's cool. New Seattle is cool, but it sucks in many ways too."

As to Blaine's latest business ventures, Anders said, "Shady Plots, Blaine's former funerary, is now called Romero's, and it feeds the one-percenters. It's a fine-dining establishment. Cemetery to table restaurant. Rob and Dan told me that when I stopped by the writers' room one day. I said, 'Cemetery to table? Did I hear that correct?' Rob's like, 'You sure did.' I was like, 'I hope this show never ends. No shame.' So yeah, it's like Shady Plots keeps getting new life. But he's still got The Scratching Post, too. He's got his mitts in a lot of different rackets.... He's working with everybody. Fillmore-Graves... he's got brain tubes, the blue brains, regular brains."

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"It's not a major storyline, but yeah, of course, blue brains are in existence. The recipe is out," he continued, snapping his fingers. "You come to Blaine's place, The Scratching Post, if you really want to get your blue brain on... At the beginning of the season, yeah, I think... Liv's like, 'He must be on blue brain.' You get to see it a little bit."

Anders also weighed in about Blaine's relationship with his father Angus, who now believes that he is a prophet sent by God. "It's a brand new dynamic that Blaine and Angus have this season. For much of it, Blaine doesn't know that Angus is out of the well. So he's become in charge of this zombie church and spouting gospel, things that Blaine has said while feeding his father in the well, that's he like throwing at his followers. It's a brand new thing," he revealed.

"He doesn't know what to make. It's crazy. It's crazy talk. The fact that he's out of the well in the first place is upsetting. He's got to sort that out. And then to find out he's running this church is a whole other thing. These people, they just follow his every word. They do whatever he says. It's pretty intimidating, but it's crazy at the same time," he continued.

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"In the stuff with Angus, you do see the vulnerability, but he's kind of sussing him out. He doesn't know what to make of this new guy. It's a weird dad. It's not the dad that he threw down the well, for sure," he said, but added that Blaine will maintain his villainous edge: "But yeah, it's a lot of mustache-twirling."

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