iVerse Seizes "Contraband" Comics

Official Press Release

iVerse Media, creators of some of the world's most popular and widely used technologies for reading and distributing digital comics, announced today that the company's Comics Plus platform has been selected as the exclusive digital distribution platform for Contraband Comics, a new independent, creator-owned comics publishing initiative.

"We're extremely happy and excited that Contraband Comics has decided to launch with us exclusively," said Michael Murphey, iVerse CEO. "Their creative team is outstanding and, from the work we've seen so far, we know that our readers are really going to enjoy their lineup."

"iVerse's dedication to creator-owned projects is what we were looking for in a distribution partner," said writer/artist and Contraband founder, Jon Goff. "Their ability to deliver content on a level that meets the high standards everyone at Contraband strives for made this a very easy choice for us. We plan to utilize the Comics Plus app's many features to their fullest, as Contraband continues to roll out titles that push the envelope of storytelling and innovation."

The first wave of Contraband titles that will be available exclusively on Comics Plus include:

    · BLINDSIDE by Marat Mychaels (creator/illustrator) and Jon Goff (writer) - The worlds of superheroics and espionage merge head-on in an all-out, bullet-riddled, adrenaline rush blockbuster! Debuts August 22nd exclusively on Comics Plus.

    · BIG HITTERS by Travis Sengaus (co-creator/illustrator) and Jon Goff (co-creator/writer) - This science-fiction action/adventure follows the exploits of a pair of sanctioned hitmen - called "Hitters" - as they navigate the seedy underbelly of an advanced post-war universe. Debuts September 5th exclusively on Comics Plus.

    · JACK RABBIT by Jim Hanna (co-creator/illustrator) and Jon Goff (co-creator/writer) - A supernatural crime-noir thriller that follows an ex-boxer-turned-private detective as he investigates the darker corners of 1930's Los Angeles, where truth and myth merge in a surreal mixture of violence and hope. Debuts September 19th exclusively on Comics Plus.

"A big goal for us at iVerse is to help talented creators like Jon get their creations out to millions and millions of people," said Steve May, iVerse Director of Business Development. "There are many amazing creator-owned books out there just needing the right distribution partner to take them to the next level. With talent like Jon, Marat, Travis and Jim on board, I have no doubt that Contraband Comics will quickly reach that level and grow beyond it."

About iVerse Media. LLC

iVerse Media (http://www.iversemedia.com) is a digital content distributor focused on the world of comics and popular culture. Founded in 2008, the company was one of the first to launch digital comics on Apple's iOS platform. As of April 2012, over 12 million products in the iOS App Store have been downloaded that are powered by iVerse, making the "iVerse Engine" one of the most popular and widely used platforms for reading digital comics in the world. The company is principally located in Waco, TX. For more information, visit www.comicsplusapp.com.

About Contraband Comics

Launched in 2012, Contraband Comics is a creator-owned, independent comic book publisher with a focus on providing quality titles across multiple genres. Founded by writer/artist, Jon Goff, and featuring a talented line-up of comic book creators, including Travis Sengaus, Marat Mychaels, Jim Hanna, Fco Plascencia, Comicraft and more, Contraband's only goal is to entertain. Contrabrand Comics are available exclusively on iVerse Media's ComicsPlus digital platform. Learn more about Contraband Comics on their Website: http://www.contracomics.com

About Jon Goff

Jon Goff has developed content for comic books, action figures and video games while working with many of the top companies across the entertainment industry, including The McFarlane Companies, 343 Industries, Microsoft Game Studios, Marvel Comics, MEGA Brands, Gentle Giant Studios, WETA Workshop, ABC Studios, Tor Books, DK Publishing, Prima Games and more. Jon's credits include Tor Books' Halo-themed anthology, Halo Evolutions, the monthly Spawn comic book title and The Adventures of SPAWN online comic. Follow Jon on Twitter: @Jonathan_Goff

About Marat Mychaels

Marat Mychaels (Grifter, Deadpool Corps) is a veteran of the comic book industry, having provided artwork for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics and more. Marat's current focus is the launch of his creator-owned title, Blindside, as part of Contraband Comics, along with steady work on DC Comics New 52 titles, including Hawk and Dove and Grifter. Follow Marat on Twitter: @MaratMychaels

About Travis Sengaus

Travis Sengaus is an illustrator and animator from Calgary, Alberta, who has provided artwork for various comic, video game and animation projects. His credits include The Adventures of SPAWN online comic book and production work for Table Taffy Studios. Follow Travis on Twitter: @TravisSengaus

About Jim Hanna

Jim Hanna is an artist/writer based in Mesa, Arizona. He has provided art for Arcana Studio, Upper Deck, Red 5 Comics, Cryptozoic Entertainment and Marvel/The Hero Initiative. Jim's newest project is the creator-owned title, Jack Rabbit, part of Contraband Comics' initial wave of titles. Follow Jim on Twitter: @jimhanna

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