Ivan Reis' Back Pages

Every day this month I will share with you the first (at least as far as I know) U.S. professional work by a notable comic book creator. Here is an archive of the creators who have been featured so far.

Today's featured creator is Ivan Reis!


Currently, Ivan Reis is one of DC Comics' very most popular comic book artists! After doing an acclaimed run on Green Lantern with writer Geoff Johns, the two paired together for DC's hit crossover, Blackest Night.

Here are a few pages from that story...

But when Reis broke into comics in 1996 (when he was just 20 years old), his style was a lot different.

Here are a few pages from his first comic book story, Dark Horse's Ghost #17, from late 1996....

Roughly that same month, Reis had a piece in a Wonder Woman Gallery from DC Comics (which is pretty darn impressive for a 20 year old artist with no other comic book credits to his name)....

EXCLUSIVE: Neon Future #1

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