Ivan Brandon Sharpens Fangs on "Kobra"

In January, rising star writer Ivan Brandon ("24Seven," "NYC Mech") is penning a "Faces of Evil" one-shot fro DC Comics, featuring the supervillain Kobra.

Problem is Kobra, the über-terrorist and world punishing mad scientist, is dead.

Since his demise in "JSA" #51 back in 2003, Kobra's terrorist organization has been unruly at best, with a series of false leaders vying for control.

In the one-shot, featuring art by Jesus Merino, a new figure has infiltrated the Kobra Cult and started systematically destroying its powerbase. The solicitation teaser asks the question is this the original Kobra reborn or something far more sinister?

"Whichever it is, our goal is definitely a hell of a lot more sinister," Brandon told CBR News.

And while the book is a done-in-one tale for readers to enjoy, Brandon teased that "Faces of Evil: Kobra" does lay the groundwork for some other events later in 2009. "The way this story ends definitely affects the DCU going forward," said Brandon, who revealed both Superman and Checkmate would be featured in the book, as well.

"After a long absence, someone's going to take the role of Kobra," the writer added. "And whoever it is, isn't at all happy about the current state of the world, in and out of the organization."

This is Ivan Brandon's first foray into the world of secret societies and the like, and he said it was fun to write the book because he had to look at the story from the perspective of a villain, as opposed to the more traditional viewpoint of the hero. "My goal is always to make you connect with a character, their moral compass notwithstanding," said the 32-year old New Yorker, who is the son of Cuban immigrants.

Brandon is also working on "Secret Invasion: Home Invasion" for Marvel and "Viking," his new creator-owned series coming in 2009

"Faces of Evil: Kobra" comes to stores January 28 from DC Comics.

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