Its Uncanny: Fans to Choose Claremont's Next X-Project

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In a bold and exciting move, Marvel is giving its fans the chance to determine what Chris Claremont's next X-project will be.

"We're putting this in the hands of the fans and we couldn't be more excited about the possibilities," says editor Mark Paniccia. "These four options all sound cool enough to support their own mini-series but only one can win. Chris and I are on the edge of our seats!"

By voting on Marvel.com, fans will have a chance to determine what 6-issue X-Men mini-series Claremont will tackle after X-Men: The End.

"X-Men fans are some of the most vocal out there," says Paniccia. "We're taking advantage of that voice and putting them in the driver's seat. By next week, we'll have a new X-Men book in the works from one of the industry's most influential authors."

All four of the possible title choices take place outside of current continuity, including stories from previously visited alternate universes as well as an entirely new X-Men universe.

And the four choices are:

Days of Future Past – This series would pick up the moment after Kitty Pryde sent Rachel Grey into the past from the original story. The world is under the rule of Sentinels, most mutants are either killed or in camps, and only a strange alliance of outlaws stand a chance at changing this dark future.

Asgardian War Stories – During the Asgardian War, the X-Men, Alpha Flight, and the New Mutants all fought alongside the Norse Gods. But what would have happened if they never returned to Earth and stayed in Asgard?

width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0" align="right">"Days Of Future Past"

NEXT – Witness today's generation of X-Men if the Marvel Universe aged in real-time. Both the first and second teams of X-Men are approaching 50 and the New Mutants are now in their thirties. This series will follow this new generation of X-Men and the new reality they find themselves in.

What If? X-Men - Continuing from 2004's What If Magneto and Professor X Had Formed the X-Men Together?, this series would be a re-imagining of the X-Men in contemporary times from an entirely all-new perspective. Because of Magneto helping found the X-Men, not only has the history of the X-Men changed, but that of the entire world. Every character's life and future is up for grabs here.

It's up to you to decide what legendary X-Men tale Chris Claremont will pen next. Visit Marvel.Com and let your voice be heard for which of these X-stories you would like to see.

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