It's The "Scott Pilgrim" 3 / "Dinosaur Comics" Book Release Party!

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TORONTO, CANADA – The world has waited for this day and it's finally here: The release of Canadian graphic novelist Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim 3: Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness. But the Canadian hipster icon has brought friends: a whimsical Tyrannosaurus Rex who populates the panels of the new comic-strip collection Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North. And they're having a party.

The whole city is invited, Saturday, May 27th to the simultaneous release parties (much cooler than book launches) for these hotly-anticipated graphic novels. The event is taking place at the new party-room behind Rocco's Plum Tomato in the Annex (just south of 585 Bloor West, W. of Bathurst) at 8PM. Both artists will be on hand to celebrate the releases and the evening will feature music, readings, and even live comic strip creation! Best of all? The event is totally free.

Scott Pilgrim 3 / Dinosaur Comics


Featuring Bryan Lee O'Malley and Ryan North

Saturday, May 27th @ 8PM

Rocco's Plum Tomato (New Room)

585 Bloor West, Just west of Bathurst


Sponsored by The Beguiling, Quack Media, and Sleeman's Brewery.


The Scott Pilgrim series features Scott Pilgrim, an aimless 20-something who must defeat the Seven Evil Ex-Boyfriends of his current crush in battle, in order to date her. The series is set in Toronto and such notable landmarks as The Toronto Reference Library, Casa Loma, and Lee's Palace have served as the backdrops for these legendary battles. The setting for Volume 3? We don't want to ruin the surprise, but a famous landmark at the corner of Bloor & Bathurst might just be involved. Scott Pilgrim 3 is the fifth graphic novel from Halifax's Bryan Lee O'Malley, and is published by Oni Press. Find out more at http://www.scottpilgrim.com/.

Dinosaur Comics doesn't take place in Toronto, but in a world of smart-ass talking dinosaurs who alternately offer lectures about the evil nature of cephalopods ("They're cannibals!") and explain to you things that you probably shouldn't say to someone who just broke up with their girlfriend ("Do you remember kissing her? Are you worried that one day you'll forget what it was like?"). Dinosaur Comics: Your Whole Family is Made Out Of Meat is published by Quack Media and collects three hilarious years worth of strips from the incredibly popular online comic strip by Torontonian Ryan North. Find out more at http://www.dinosaurcomics.com/.


For media or interview requests, please contact Christopher Butcher at The Beguiling, chris@beguiling.com or 416-533-9168.

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