It's official: Bob Bretall has world's largest comics collection

More than a year after the British media decreed Bob Bretall owns the world's largest comic book collection, it's now official: With 94,268 unique comics amassed over four decades -- and still growing! -- the 52-year-old Mission Viejo, California, man now holds the Guinness World Records.

Bretall's treasure trove weighs an estimated 16,800 pounds, or the equivalent of 118 grown men. Y'know, if you were curious.

He began collecting at 8 years old with 1970's Amazing Spider-Man #88, and never stopped. Bretall adds more than 140 each month, revealing on his Facebook page that since the official count on May 1, the tally has grown by at least 1,000.

Asked by Guinness how much his collection is worth, Bretall replied, "I do not like to emphasize the monetary aspects of collecting comics. Too many stories about comics collecting focus on how many dollars everything is worth instead of the great stories and characters. I do not do it for the money and I don’t try to rationalize it as an investment and I’m not into it to make money. I have a regular job that pays the bills just fine. I’m never going to sell any of my comics, I’ll leave that to my kids when it becomes their inheritance to do with as they will (though I hope they’ll keep at least a few of them as a remembrance)."

Bretall, who sent his proposal to Guinness in December 2012, is well aware plenty of people will insist there are larger collections than his, but he's not concerned.

"Queue up the posts by people who 'know a guy' that has more comics," he wrote. "Records are made to be broken, those people can apply to Guinness World Records to break my record. When they do, I will congratulate them!"

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