It's not easy being green: Ostrander wraps up loose end in final 'Martian Manhunter'

[Martian Manhunter #1000000]If you read DC Comics' "Martian Manhunter" #1,000,000 during the company's DC One Million crossover event, you may recall that Kyle "Green Lantern" Rayner is destined to play an important role in the life of the Martian Manhunter, delivering an important message to him when the Martian is at his lowest point.

And it's not his title getting cancelled, wise guy.

Series writer John Ostrander hasn't forgotten that dangling plot thread, which will be addressed "in the final issue," he told the Comic Wire on Tuesday.

"Final script is completed. We'd said that J'Onn is given the message from his future self after 'the worst day of his life.' That's what he gets. What shape does it take? Who is behind it? Ah, that would be telling ..."

"Martian Manhunter" ends with #36. Artist Jamal Igle will be filling in for regular artist Tom Mandrake.

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