It's Darth Vader-turned-Tiki in artist's Māori-style mask

If there's one sure thing about Star Wars imagery, it's that it very much holds up to varying interpretations -- be it Shakespearean verses, clever children's books or shower heads.

In that tradition, artist Mike "Nemo" Mendez has taken the instantly recognizable Darth Vader helmet and translated it into a Māori-style Tiki mask, as shown off on his Facebook page. It's not the first pop culture icon that Mendez has given the Tiki treatment -- he's also constructed a Māori-style Iron Man mask.

Mendez's work can be found on his website (though it hasn't been updated since 2010) and Facebook page. More Māori-style Darth Vader images follow after the jump.

Fearless #3

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