It's 'Bear,' the New Series from SLG Publishing!

Official Press Release

[Bear]He's Bear, he's Bear! He's made of human hair! You push his nose and his head grows! He's Bear, he's Bear, he's Bear!

When you're only twelve-inch high teddy bear, you're at an disadvantage anyway, but Bear has more pressing worries on his mind. His days are spend watching TV on his owner Karl's couch, with short breaks for biscuit-eating or reminiscences on his long, distinguished, and quite frankly, rather unlikely military career. This would be a sweet enough life if it weren't for Karl's cat, Looshkin. Driven purely by sadism, the sociopathic Looshkin has devoted himself entirely to his talents of destruction, violence, and creepy ickiness. And, more often than not, Bear is the target of Looshkin's evil schemes.

This the world of Bear, a new quarterly series full of twisted humor, mad adventures, and cute, foul-mouthed animals, coming in June from SLG Publishing. Written and drawn by Jamie Smart, Bear is the British artist's first comic book series.

Smart had sent several ideas for comic book series to SLG Publishing, each with great artwork and humor, but Bear stood out as the project that was especially funny and original. SLG's President Dan Vado knew when he saw the proposal for Bear that Smart was someone he wanted to work with. "Jamie is talented young man who is going to take Bear and go a long way," said Vado.

It was no problem drumming up excitement for Bear in the rest of the SLG staff, who were instantly enchanted with Smart's creation. "Bear is like a kids' comic gone horribly, horribly awry," said SLG's editor-in-chief Jennifer de Guzman. "It's sweet and sick and hilarious all at once, and the bold, cute artwork fits the stories perfectly."

The first 24-page, black-and-white issue of Bear will be released in June 2003 and will retail for $2.95. SLG will support the release with a special package for retailers that includes a Bear poster, bag stuffers, postcards, and a preview. A preview of Bear is available at the SLG Publishing website, www.slavelabor.com.

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