It's a Lackluster World after all

In comics there are all sorts of worlds: superhero worlds, fantasy worlds, futuristic worlds, real worlds and alot more. But in the independent comic series Lackluster World, he takes on our world but with a sense of humor that's biting without leaving a mark. The series' creator Eric Adams describes the series as "a dark satire comic about an albino man using vandalism and his job as a newspaper journalist to change the world at large before it changes him." Think of it as Transmetropolitan meets Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

It's penultimate issue came out earlier this year, with the trio of leads Fahrenheit, Celsius & Kelvin (named after the temperature scales) are pulled into a new dynamic with the black sheep Fahrenheit being pulled back into support his younger sister who's big brother Kelvin is institutionalized for his over-zealous religiousity. While the family drama unfolds, Fahrenheit is also dealing with the fallout from the success of his political-diatribe-as-newspaper hits a chord with citizens.

Here's six pages from Lackluster World #6:

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Adams is working on the series final issue, Lackluster World #7, now. Adams has also provided a PDF of the full first issue for Robot 6 readers. Make with the clicky.

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