It's a <i>Garo</i> world

There's an exhibit up at the Center for Book Arts in New York right now about the early years of pioneering Japanese comics magazine Garo. The other day I linked to an interesting essay by the curator of the show, Ryan Holmberg, that was rather surprising — I don't think most people think of it as antiwar propaganda for children, but that was the original intent.

Anyway, the exhibit seems to be getting people's attention, and for the curious who would like to see more, Dirk Deppey has put up a monster post with many, many scans of a single issue, which he picked up in 1992 (long after the scope of the NYC exhibit). It's all in Japanese, but Dirk has some explanations (garnered in part from comments to the original blog posts). Set aside some time for this one.

Still curious? Julia Rothman went to the exhibit and took some pictures for her site, Book By Its Cover. And here's an interview with a Garo editor.

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